Prospects students book intermediate (Revised edition). Manual de limba engleza pentru clasa a IX-a

de Wilson, Ken

Prospects students book intermediate (Revised edition). Manual de limba engleza pentru clasa a IX-a
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Prospects students book intermediate (Revised edition). Manual de limba engleza pentru clasa a IX-a

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Descriere - Prospects students book intermediate (Revised edition). Manual de limba engleza pentru clasa a IX-a

Prospects is a 6 level course for learnes of English at secondary level. It has been specifically written for students in Central Europe. Prospects is designed as a multi-level entry course enabling teachers of choose the entry point according to their student's needs experience.

Each level offers learnes a strong gramatical base. A variety of motivating activites give students the oportunity to consolidate their learning. The topics have been specifically chosen to appeal to teenagers and reflect their interests and ambitions.

Prospects intermediate offers:

- new language introduced trough intersing and usual topics
- dynamic and realistics structure presentation and practice
- development and activation of all four skills
- practical pronunciation and further activities
- vocabulary developmen
- authentic language
-grammar reference section including an irregular verb table
-regular review units for consolidation and further practice
- this revised edition includes additional exercises, improved grammar reference and updated texts.

Autori: Ken Wilson, James Taylor
No. of pages : 124 (Full color)
Year : 2003
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